Matthias Walkner

This is definitely a huge advantage for me ! Especially when slippery and lateral shocks such as rocks, rock slabs, roots or any uneven ground. With sensors, any shock is like amortized and softer. To the handlebar, I don’t get so hard shocks anymore. Thanks to that, I was able to harden my fork and become more efficient.

Rémi Thirion
The AXXIOS Sensors have helped me to have a better feeling on my bike, waving some vibrations or even some shocks and improving the grip and the touch on the ground.
This allows me to concentrate more on my piloting. Today the level has never been higher, the races are getting tighter, it’s that kind of little details that help me feel better and make a difference.
George Brannigan
The Axxios Sensors were certainly noticeable to me, much more so in the right conditions such as dry dusty and lots of chattery bumps. It’s helped to absorb some of those vibrations and make the bike feel more comfortable.
Ralph Näf
At first I was a bit skeptical and I doubted that it could bring something to stick sensors from Axxios on the various components of my bike. I could not imagine it.
But from the first meters, I felt that it was not the same bike as before. It was very easy and docile to pilot. And when we timed the courses and that, besides the more pleasant piloting, I was systematically making better times with Sensors than without, it was clear to me that we needed them for our team.
Alessandra Keller
Already during the first course after having sticked the Sensors of Axxios, I felt a noticeable difference in the characteristics of use of my MTB. In curves, on slippery ground and in technical passages, I felt better ground holding and more stability. But the biggest difference obtaines with the Sensors of Axxios was, for me personally, in a quieter steering of the bike.
Andy Baumgartner

Shortly before the Swiss National Championship final in September 2016, I was able to test the Axxios technology on my racing bike (KTM SX-F 450ccm) for the first time. The course was dry and slippery. Immediately after sticking Axxios to the frame, wheels, handlebar and engine, my motorcycle feel and grip were significantly better. In addition, the vibrations on the handlebars decreased. In the final race of the 2016 season, it had rained very hard and the course was totally muddy. With the Axxios technology, I felt exactly how much grip my wheels had and could therefore prevent unexpected skidding. This meant that I could get through the race without crashing and secure the title of Swiss champion in the 2016 “Swiss MX Open” top category.

I think that the more difficult and extreme the course conditions are, the more important Axxios technology is in motocross racing.

At the start of the 2017 season a few weeks ago, my new racing bike had not yet been patched and I felt uncomfortable on my bike. I then fitted out the motorbike with Axxios again and thus achieved an increase in comfort on the motorbike. I was able to confirm this with a double victory in the next race in Frauenfeld and I took the championship lead. In the ADAC MX Masters Series, too, I was able to score a top ten result immediately in the first race. In my other races, including the MXGP World Championship, I will also be counting on Axxios.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the tests and I look forward to continuing to use Axxios in motocross in future.

Arnaud Rapillard

The AXS system was presented to me by Morgan Stafrach aka PMB Suspension / Öhlins Swiss Center, our suspension service. I confess I smiled, politely murmured ‘yes yes’ and went on my way.

But it played on my mind. I’m a bit of a spoilt brat … I WANT to try and place an order.

I install it on my semi-rigid in March before going to the Algarve Bike Challenge. I’m in a hurry to test it, curious but still just as sceptical as before. As soon as the wheels start to turn it seems very smooth. A better rolling sensation. I tell myself: ‘Placebo effect.’ We climb up into the hills and reach the first descent. I can definitely feel the ‘more grip’ effect as I swerve at the first bend. Here it’s striking. I use a tyre on the dry ground, with frankly not a lot of studs. My colleagues are by no means bad bikers and their technical abilities are superior to mine. My trajectory is different, more closed. The same happens at the next bends. I have more grip, and that gives me more confidence. Sometimes I’ve felt the front of the bike give way, not this time. I can close my bends and stay on the inside of the others. The grip effect is noticeable. I’m not riding a new bike. I know this bike, I’ve had the same fork and frame since 2015. The little extra comes from elsewhere. That’s enough to convince me. The same thing happens in the race the following days. I was dubious, now I approve!

I return home and go out riding with my colleague from Team Mountain Tschopp Jérémy Gadomski. I ask him to follow me round a bend on a 4×4 road. He’s on a fully with a tyre with more crampons, but he can’t manage it. I descend, notching up the PRs on Strava. The improved grip gives you confidence, it’s obvious. I find it hard to gauge the roll resistance and added comfort. On the other hand this is the first time I’ve felt an instant improvement to my riding. (And God knows I’ve tried a lot of stupid tricks.) What does a gain of 100 or 200rs on a bike do? To be honest, I have no idea. Axxios technology gains you a second here, a second there. I was sceptical, now I’m convinced!

And then 3 weeks ago I received my full suspension. I descend faster and have a lot of fun, but then the front starts slipping again, I give myself a few scares …

I have a new problem. I need another Axxios kit to equip this bike! And on a road bike? No, there I draw the line!

Harry Heat
When testing the “AXS Sensor” there was a considerable improvement of stability of the bike in every way. Most noticeable was the improvement in the planted feel of the tyres which increased lateral grip when it was most needed on the most technical parts of the track.

Cheers for your help.

Remo Eberle
Optically, we do not see much and it (AXS Sensor) does not make any smoke. But its operation is astonishing. Mounted on the bike, I would say it brings quietness, a better control is sensitive and it gives more grip, as if the link with the ground was better. All those who used it made the same observation, some more, some less, but for all an improvement of the rollability was noticeable.