The products “Axxios powered by Snipptec” are used to sustainably reduce micro-vibrations, loads and turbulence from any moving body under stress. It is a technology developed as a result of extensive research into turbulence, magnetic interference fields, vibration and their devastating effects on performance, quality and safety.

Our range of products is available in many forms of application and now covers a multitude of capabilities and functionalities. Beyond the simple notion of stiffening a component, our products can also be used to soften, strengthen and modify the behaviour of components. They also have the ability to influence certain parameters to achieve the highest levels of quality, performance and safety.

In an age of responsibility for the climate issues that affect us all, our range of products designed for the automotive sector helps to reduce fuel consumption and, as a result, tends to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It is therefore possible to gain performance while reducing one’s negative impact on the environment and lowering one’s fuel consumption costs.



Every material has its own resonance.

The “Axxios powered by Snipptec” technology consists of bringing a specific frequency setting that will influence the waves of the material in question.

We can therefore speak of a new frequency balance that has been formed as a result of the intervention of the Axxios product.

2016 – 2019

Puces anciennes

An first concept that was solely for vibration reduction provided an understanding of the immense and as yet unknown potential for gains in mechanical, sporting and industrial environments.

This system was limited by its design but still allowed for some improvements. Nevertheless limited, our former product offered only a narrow spectrum of applications.


« Our old product was like the black and white television we had at the time, it worked but was still limited. Our understanding of certain parameters in the turbulence environment allowed us to make major advances and took us beyond the prospects of colour television »

Jacques-Alain Lehmann – CEO


Snipptec logo

SNIPPTEC is our German partner company working in air and liquid flow optimisation.

The company is mainly active in the automotive sector, where it specialises in the optimisation of vehicle components such as the engine, chassis and tyres.

“Snipptec for the improvement of the aerodynamic efficiency.”

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ralph Pütz

Improving the aerodynamics of components is one of the company’s scientific research areas.

Watch this conference clip for more information.


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